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seems to be an interesting game, but the randomization of it all can have you stuck, sometimes right at the beginning. My first few playthroughs I rolled the first corridor, and then rolled a 5 for the end feature. 5 is a locked door. Locked doors can only be opened with keys. But I found a locked door before I found a key, so... either I'm misunderstanding how to play, or I was just stuck and the game ended before it could begin.

it’s very possible that the game didn’t account for that, but as a quick-fix: if you find a locked door and there are no other available paths to explore, you instead find a key.

sorry to hear you got stuck!

I just checked the PDF to make sure, and you didn't misunderstand: the rules as presented don't account for the possibility of finding a locked door with no keys available. I'll elaborate on my above recommendation for a quick fix:

  • If you reach a point where the only available path is a locked door, the door opens, immediately leading to a secret and a new path.

You can think of it like the Grey parting before you, or maybe you find a key along the way that's shaped differently from the others. Either way, if a locked door makes it so your game can't continue, you have my permission to open it anyway.

Will there be more Community Copies added?

Yep! Just added a handful now.

Thank you!


Lost In The Grey is a 2 page (or 1 page, discounting the cover) solo rpg that is a companion to Found In The Grey. 

It has very nearly the same structure and rules, but plays in a sort of endless mode. Using a die and some tables, you generate maps out of your surroundings. There's a little bit of narrative context, but mostly you make your own meaning out of your wanderings.

Overall, I'd recommend this if you don't already have Found In The Grey or do but you want to play an endless version of the game, or if you're interested in a game that generates perfectly viable dungeon maps for you. It's both a cool narrative experience and a neat utility for dungeon-delving games, and it has solid layout and a strong atmosphere.


Lost in the Grey took maybe an hour to play from start to finish, and in that time I created both a cool map AND a cool story to go along with it. What a fun single-player experience! Highly recommended.