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Someone mentioned that the game can get monotonous after a bit if you draw a lot of numbered cards in a row, and that's extremely true. I don't have the bandwidth to add this to the rules in any formal way, but my recommendation would be this:

Before shuffling at the start of the game, remove from the deck all of the numbered cards from 6 to 10.

That reduces the size of the deck significantly (by about 20 cards), and also increases the proportion of faced cards compared to numbered cards.

If you don't want the numbered cards at all you can remove all of them. I hope that helps!

One of the reasons I didn't make this change in the revised rules is that it adds time to setup, and I wanted to make the game as low-impact to start as possible.

Another option is, once you get the Relic for a region, instead of rolling an extra die, you don't have to roll at all, with the following prompt:

- The relic you found helps you overcome the obstacles with ease. How do you use it?

Special thank-you to the person who left that review! It was very helpful feedback.

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Head's up: This game was my gateway into Solo & Solo Compatible RPGs. 

It holds a special place in my heart because of that & I HIGHLY recommend folks get this game.


The way I screamed in my living room when I saw a email that said "Beyond the Rift v2.0" in my inbox, though. You have no idea.

I'm so beyond excited to dig into this!! Back once more into the world of Mnemonic we go.

Soooo....I go do download my game and im not sure what this is? I feel like im missing there a PDF to use?

There should be a button to “Run Ritual” that opens the book in your browser.

oh so there isn’t a pdf version? Cool cool. 

Yep! I'll check the description to make sure that's clear. Thanks for commenting!


Hey, this is a very long time later, but there's now a PDF version available!